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Value of Service

Based On

Adult Books borrowed

$17.00 average price

Children/Young Adult books borrowed

$12.00 average price

Magazines borrowed


Estimated purchase price average

Newspapers browsed per week


Richmond Times-Dispatch 7-day subscription

DVDs/Videos borrowed


Netflix/Redbox average

Audio Books borrowed

$9.95 download average

CDs borrowed


iTunes download album average

Interlibrary Loan request filled

$25.00 average price plus shipping

Meeting/study room use per hour


Estimated value (based on avg. $300 per diem in Richmond)

Adult Programs attended


Avg. local attraction admission fee (single)

Children's Programs attended


Avg. local attraction admission fee (youth)

Hours of Computer Use (Internet, MS Word, etc.)


Day-pass cost at FedEx-Kinko's/computer store (avg.)

Online Magazine or Newspaper Article


Average cost for online article search using our online databases

Months of Use for Other Database Searching


Overall database subscription cost per user per month

Information Research Requests Answered


Avg. library cost for librarians

The cost figures for some library items and services were adapted from figures provided by the Massachusetts Library Association. The remaining figures are calculated for the Central Virginia area.