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Suggest a Title

Have you seen, heard, read, or been told about a title you can't find in PamCat, our online library catalog?  Tell us about it!  If it meets our selection criteria, and it's available, we'll consider adding it to our collection. 

If you’re looking for a magazine article that you can’t find in our online databases, you can request it here.

If a title is available at another branch library, you can request it by clicking the "Place Hold" button in PamCat (directions) or by calling any branch library.

E-mail questions or comments to

Note: Requests may take at least 4 weeks to process.  Items newer than nine (9) months are not likely to be borrowed from other library systems.

This form is for the use of library patrons only and is not intended as a marketing tool for authors, publishers or materials vendors. Authors or companies should send reviews, pricing and contact information to the library at the following address:

Pamunkey Regional Library
P.O. Box 119
Hanover, VA 23069


Branch Libraries


Richard S. Gillis, Jr.
Ashland Branch Library

201 S. Railroad Avenue


Atlee Branch Library
9161 Atlee Road


Goochland Branch Library
3075 River Road West


Hanover Branch Library
7527 Library Drive


King & Queen Branch Library
396 Newtown Road


Mechanicsville Branch Library
7461 Sherwood Crossing Place


Lois Wickham Jones
Montpelier Branch Library

17205 Sycamore Tavern Lane


Cochrane Rockville Branch Library
16600 Pouncey Tract Road


Upper King William Branch Library
694-J Sharon Road


West Point Branch Library
721 Main Street


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