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Where can I find New Arrivals?

How do I use Explore Subjects?


Where can I find New Arrivals?


The "New Arrivals" link is located to the right of the "My Account" link on the menu bar. New Arrivals lists the most recent items that have been added to our collection in real time.  You can see what is added to our collection each day, whether it's the newest novel, picture book, DVD or talking (audio) book.  You can see earlier pages of new additions by clicking the page links at the bottom of the page.


A menu box of subjects, called "You Found Titles in Categories:" is included on the "New Arrivals" page.  When you click on a category link ("Children's Literature," for example), you will be taken to the most recent items added in that area, with the newest items listed first.  Click on "MORE" to see an expanded list of all the subject headings included in the New Arrivals feature.


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How do I use Explore Subjects?


The link for Explore Subjects is located to the right of "Search/Home" on the menu bar, this feature allows you to browse some of our most popular subjects, such as "Animals," "Food," and "History," using icons for each subject heading.


When you click on the icon or the text beneath you see categories that are part of that subject.  When you click "History," you will see choices like Explorers, Flags & Heraldry, Great Depression, Historic Sites, and History of the United States.


If you click on one of these icons or text links, you will go to a list of titles for all media and age levels.  For example, "Explorers" gives you a detailed list of items on exploration.  Page through these titles using the "Next" link, or by using the page numbers above and below the search results list.  Click "Previous" or "Go Back" link to return to previous pages.


Click on one of the subject listings in the "You Found Titles in Categories:" to narrow your search.  For example, clicking the category "Africa" returns a more specific list of items related to exploration of Africa and Africans.


"Explore Subjects" is a fun way to see an overview of special interest areas in our catalog, but it includes only a sample of our collection.


PamCat's Explore Subjects page

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