A non-refundable processing fee will be applied ($6.00 for books and $10.00 for AV).


Name Description Price
BOOK Book $30.00
DVD Digital Video Disc (DVD) $30.00
ILL-BOOK Inter-library loan $100.00
KIT-BOOK Book Discussion Kit $100.00
KIT-STORY Storytime Kit $50.00
MAGAZINE Magazine $5.00
MUSIC-CD Music on compact disc $20.00
NEW-ITEM New Materials (items set at 14 days circ) $100.00
PAPERBACK Paperback books $15.00
RA-CD Read-along book with compact disc $20.00
TB-CD Talking book - compact disc $100.00
  Single compact disc from talking book $10.00
TB-PLYAWAY Talking book - playaway $75.00
PVP Portable video player Price on MARC Record
  PVP cord replacement 14.95
PLP Playaway LaunchPad Damaged & returned: $60+$6 processing fee**;
Lost: Price on MARC record+$6 processing fee
VIDEOGAME Videogame - all formats MARC record or market value; whichever is less*