How much does the library save you?


The Value of a Library


How much would it cost if you purchased all of the items you borrow from the library?


Enter in the left hand column the number of times per month you or your family use each service.

  • How much would you pay out-of-pocket for your library services?

  • Estimated retail value of each service or item will be calculated on the right.

  • Total value of your library use is shown at the bottom of the form.

Tip: Tab between entries.


Input Your
Library Services Value of Services
Adult Books Borrowed $
Childrens/Young Adult Books Borrowed $
Magazines Borrowed $
Newspapers Browsed $
Movies Borrowed $
Audio Books Borrowed $
CDs Borrowed $

Magazine Use in Library $
Interlibrary Loan $
Meeting Room Use per Hour $
Adult Programs Attended $
Children's Programs Attended $

Hours of Computer Use
  (i.e. Internet, MS Word, etc.)
Online Magazine or Newspaper Article $
Months of Use for Other Database Searching $
Reference Questions Asked $



This worksheet has been adapted from the downloadable spreadsheet provided by the Massachusetts Library Association. Read our explanations of the values.


Share your stories with us!  E-mail and let us know how the library is valuable to you.



Branch Libraries


Richard S. Gillis, Jr.
Ashland Branch Library

201 S. Railroad Avenue


Atlee Branch Library
9161 Atlee Road


Goochland Branch Library
3075 River Road West


Hanover Branch Library
7527 Library Drive


King & Queen Branch Library
396 Newtown Road


Mechanicsville Branch Library
7461 Sherwood Crossing Place


Lois Wickham Jones
Montpelier Branch Library

17205 Sycamore Tavern Lane


Cochrane Rockville Branch Library
16600 Pouncey Tract Road


Upper King William Branch Library
694-J Sharon Road


West Point Branch Library
721 Main Street


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