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One of the long-range goals of the Pamunkey Regional Library is to "provide patrons with access to facilities, materials and assistance to obtain the information they need."  One of the ways that we do this is by providing reading material for the library at the Pamunkey Regional Jail.  The Pamunkey Regional Library, though not affiliated with the Jail, provides books and popular-interest magazine subscriptions that they make part of their library, including

  • Newsweek,

  • People (in English and Spanish),

  • and Car and Driver, to name a few.

The jail library is a fascinating place and both the program officer/jail librarian and the inmate clerk work hard to provide materials to all 400+ residents of the jail. The jail library has about 3,000 books in their collection. They have created a catalog in MS Word and have assigned and shelved the books into very broad categories, like Romance, Mystery, and Nonfiction. This works very well for such a small collection. Because hardbacks could be used as weapons, we were not allowed to give the jail library hardbacks for a long time. However, the program officer has devised a way to take off the binding and rebind this type of book so that folks can get them.

Several times a week the inmate clerk fills a cart with a variety of books at visits each section of the jail. Those men and women who have signed up to "visit" the library are allowed to borrow one book for the week. If they return that book the next week, they are allowed another book. Even though the inmates spend 24 hours in the jail, they may lose the book they borrowed. In most cases, this ends their library privileges.

Neither the library nor the jail has a big budget for books and other materials. The program officer is always on the lookout for more materials. If you would like to help the jail library, high-interest materials include the following:

  • magazines about cars and car repair

  • National Geographic magazines

  • good condition paperbacks in all areas (especially mysteries, westerns and science fiction)

  • anything by African-American authors

  • materials in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

If you are interested in donating materials to the jail, e-mail or call 804-365-6211.


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